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Be Well and Be Free

Ben Nichols

CrossFit Level 2, CrossFit Kids, USA Weightlifting Sports Performance Level 1

Ben was born in Nevada and raised in Estes park, CO, home of Rocky Mountain National Park. As a multisport athlete in high school, he competed in football, basketball, and baseball. Ben found CrossFit during a challenging period in his life, and in it discovered an outlet for his energies and a sanctuary from the noise around him. Through CrossFit, Ben reconnected not just to fitness, but to a source of wellness that nourished his mind, body, and spirit.

He named the gym Crossfit FreeWorld because he believes that by “taking care of your body and soul you become free from that which binds you. To be well is to be free.” As a CrossFit coach, Ben’s own passion and energy for CrossFit is recharged every time he teaches a class, “There is no better feeling than seeing people push beyond their limits, have breakthroughs and achieve their goals. I love getting to be a part of that.” Ben’s wife, Emily, joins him in this endeavor not only as a CrossFit participant but also as the administrative manager.



Erica Parraz

CrossFit Level 1

Erica is FAST. So fast no camera can catch her. After she was born she began doing things. To this day she likes doing stuff. In her free time, she does other stuff, like eating various kinds of food and sleeping when she gets tired. She’s been known to drink water when thirsty.

Erica Dietz

Crossfit Level 1

Erica hails from Chicago where growing up she had an active childhood participating in softball, soccer, dance, and cheerleading. She attended the University of Oregon where she earned her bachelor’s degree in Sociology and Environmental Studies. While in college she discovered yoga and trail running, and like many of us she kept fit through long boring sessions on strange machines.

Erica soon began weightlifting and found the quantifiable gains in strength and mobility motivating. She was introduced to Olympic Lifting a couple of years ago and started CrossFit as a way to supplement her lifting with conditioning. She quickly learned that she loved CrossFit as much as weightlifting and committed herself to both. She enjoys the community created by CrossFit and the diversity of those brought together by a common goal.

As a Level One trainer, Erica loves being a part of people’s transformation as they build strength and discover abilities they never thought they had. To be a part of another’s journey of empowerment is also what brought her to Taos. Erica is an AmeriCorps volunteer working at The DreamTree Project, a local non-profit serving homeless youth.